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What is COG?

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2002 International Policy Conference materials, click here

Ownership For All
COG Working Papers


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International Strategy Meeting 6-8 May 2001.


COG develops positive responses to globalization - focusing on employee ownership best practices and strategies internationally.
Just as most of the world’s countries are embracing democracy, however flawed, the largest corporations are eclipsing many of the world’s governments in economic power and political influence. Globalization needn’t require a loss of local community control. We can make better choices.

The Capital Ownership Group (COG), is a non-profit network of professionals, academics and activists on six continents, using broad ownership to abate the negative effects of globalization.  COG operates an on-line virtual think tank (navigable in six languages), conference center and library from Kent State University. Over 600 participants are registered in its 20 working groups. COG has responded to over 5.3 million data requests from people in 171 countries.  To fix globalization Fair Exchange is one strategy.  COG welcomes new ideas and participants to our online working groups, gladly hosts new working groups on other fix-globalization strategies, accepts on-line library submissions, and swaps hot links to further our joint goal.  Funders have included the Ford Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, German Marshall Fund of the U.S., Kent State University, the National Center for Employee Ownership, European Union, Corporation for Enterprise Development, and the Carey Center for Democratic Capitalism.

COG Programs include: 1) On-line conference center enabling collaborative research and a forum for development of policy proposals and implementation efforts); 2) On-line library including research reports, case studies, and proposed legislation; 3) Creation and publication of the policy working groups’ output and summaries; and 4) An international policy conference in October 2002. A recent international strategy conference expanded the number and narrowed the focus of working groups to enable concrete action. The work of the first six groups is now published on-line in Ownership for All. Summaries of Ownership for All are also available or can be obtained in hard copy on request by sending a message to COG.

COG’s  mission
to create, build and serve a coalition that promotes broad ownership of productive capital; reduces inequality of income and wealth; increases sustainable economic development; expands opportunities for people to realize their productive and creative potential; stabilizes local communities by improving living standards; and enhances the quality of life for all.

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